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Termux - Linux environment app for Android | Learn hacking with Android Device

Termux is an Android terminal application and Linux Environment. A Minimal base system is installed automatically, additional packages are available using the package manager. It provides a command line environment and allows you to install Linux apps on your android device. Termux is super-compact application that open up a lot of functionality for your android device. The command line is one of most powerful feature of Linux, and Termux builds on you device's Linux kernel to make you more efficient on the go. Termux is free shell environment for android.

How to Install and setup Termux

you can download termux via Play store 

Basic Command to use Termux

it is based on Linux environment, so it's commands literally to Linux commands,

apt update

this command is used to update Termux to latest version.

apt upgrade

this command upgrade all tools, and packages used in termux


this command same as Linux terminal, used to clear screen

cd "path"

To navigate to another directory or path, simply type this command, replace "path" with your directory name


Exit command close the connection with termux and close the app


List all the directories and files available in the present path or directory, this command also same as Linux Terminal

apt list

Showing list of all packages

apt remove "package name"

To remove any tools or package from termux, you have to use this command , just replace "package name" with the name of tools or package

apt install "package name"

Use this command to install package or tools in termux. 


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