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TheHarvester - Information Gathering tool in kali linux

Information Gathering is an important and startup step of Hacking. Information Gathering is an Act of gathering different kind of information against the target victim or system.The more the information gathered about the target, the more the probability to obtain relevant results. The Sources Supports:- Google, Google Profiles, Bing Search, PGP Server, Linkedin, VHost, Twitter, Shodan, Yahoo, Baidu.

Now Let's Start:

Boot into Kali Linux, and open terminal and type Theharvester, If Theharvester is not installed then you can either download and extract it from the link https://github.com/laramies/theHarvester Or type command in terminal window to direct install

Now go to theharvester folder with cd command and provide the permission to the script by typing command:

python theharvester.py chmod +x

Then simply hit the command to run or start TheHarvester


Now the following screen will shows up in terminal

If you want to see all commands and help of theharvester then type

./theharvester -h

To run or use Harvester follow the steps

1. Simply type the command:

./theharvester -d [URL] -i 300 -b [SEARCH ENGINE]

Here -d [URL] => is the url of target website and -b [SEARCH ENGINE] is Search engine name such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc... and 300 is the first 300 results found on search engine.

The commands looks, For Example:

./theharvester -d softhuge.com -i 300 -b google

you can search for all search engines at a time by typing all . for example:

./theharvester -d softhuge.com -i 300 -b all

Note: This tutorial is only for Education purpose, we are not responsibe for any type of damage and we are responsible for any type of cyber law related to this article. Our first recommendation is to not use this tool on any public or others property or target, it is completely illegal. We will not responsible for any type of misuse


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